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Land surveying for title companies, land surveying for businesses and corporations, lawyers, homeowners, general contractors, real estate developers

The latest piece of expensive equipment isn't what gets the job done. Neither does the newest, high-tech computer program. Drones aren't the answer, nor is 3D surveying.

All are just tools - useful in the right hands, worthless or worse in the wrong ones.

We do use state-of-the-art electronic equipment in the field and the latest computerized programs to ensure accuracy and speed, but its the experience of our people that makes the difference. Our employees have been with American Engineering and Land Surveying an average of 13 years, working on residential, commercial and municipal projects for:


  • Engineering & Architectural Firms

  • Local, City & State Municipalities and Governmental Agencies

  • General Contractors

  • Businesses & Corporations

  • Commercial Real Estate Developers

  • Title Companies

  • Lawyers

  • Homeowners

Our team works throughout Long Island, New York City and Upstate New York.

American Engineering and Land Surveying's reputation is built on 30 years of using the "tools of the trade" to get the job done - on time, on budget and up to each clients's expectations.

Why We're Different

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