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Design planning and construction of Passive Home design and sustainable, renewable and green home design and construction for new and existing residential homes.


We work in partnership with New Habitat Architecture & Design, P.C., a leading industry expert on Passive House Construction.

New Habitat has been adopting passive house approaches in the design of the building envelope of new residences and the retrofitting of existing homes to help clients achieve substantial savings on their annual utilities budget and unsurpassed indoor air quality and comfort.

New Habitat’s philosophy is to produce a design that maintains a balance between the clients’ needs and resources, carefully analyzing every aspect of the project to maximize the efficiency in the relationship between design, resources and materials.  We strive to achieve a final product that is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious, without compromising architectural integrity. 

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Certified Passive House Consultants
Daniella C. Ravn, AIA, CPHC
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